Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Half Is All Tyrod!

Tyrod Taylor has put on a show.  Just wish that this team could finish a drive. 

Lets get the second half started and see what EJ Manuel has in show for us.

Thinking that I will post my review of the game tomorrow afternoon. 

Lets Go Bills!  #BillsMafia!

Bills at Browns Preview

The Buffalo Bills enter their second preseason game.  There are a few things to watch in tonight's matchup.  First thing to remember is that it is on ESPN at 8:00pm.  The Bills nor the Browns get very many nationally televised games, so we will take it even in preseason.  A few players that fans may want to keep an eye on.

Tyrod Taylor.  He played well in the first game against the Panthers.  Maybe even well enough to turn the head of many fans, or even Rex Ryan.  Not sure.  But, tonight he will get his chance with the first team offense.  Or at least what is left of it.  With the injuries to LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams.  The Bills are reluctant to start anyone.  This means that Sammy Watkins will be sitting the game out.  I dont really blame Rex at this point.  Dont want to risk anymore setbacks on our way to the SuperBowl. 

IK Enempali, I think that is how you spell his name anyways.  After breaking the jaw of Geno Smith with a sucker punch, Rex picked him up quick.  He has played well during practice this past week to get a chance to shine in the game.  He has to take advantage of this and earn it, now that he has been given a second chance. 

The slew of running backs that are left.  With the injury bug striking the Bills running back position the hardest.  Fred Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Karlos Williams are all hampered by some sort of injury.  This does not leave a great amount of backs left.  Which forced the Bills to sign a few free agents.  We get to see them tonight.  Not sure if will have a major effect on Tyrod Taylor's play or not.  Only time will tell. 

Remember regardless what happens tonight.  We want a win.  I know its only preseason and its used to evaluate players in game situations.  Its just that I hate losing as much as the next guy.  Why play the game if your playing to lose.  And as a Bills fan for 20 plus years, Im tired of losing over the last 14. 

Go Bills!  Also, follow live during tonights game on Twitter.  Lets use the hashtag #BillsBrownsGame

Friday, October 4, 2013

Where Do They Go Now?

Courtesy of CBS Sports
Last nights game against the Cleveland Browns seemed well in hand.  That of course was before the unthinkable happened.  We will get into that a bit later on.  First lets review the score.  37-24 the Browns managed to come away with a record of 3-2, Bills record sits at 2-3.  This is with their Playoff hopes dwindling.  But, with the fans all hope is not lost. 

Freddy Jackson showed exactly why he getting paid.  He played another great game, and this with being less than 100%.  Even CJ Spiller managed to get a big run for a touchdown.  The defense played tough all game.  They came away with five sacks.  Just too bad that the Bills didnt come away with the win.  They could have used. it. 

Now, onto the unthinkable.  Highly touted rookie sensation EJ Manuel went down with a sprained LCL and will miss the next couple of weeks according to Coach Marone.  This leaves a big question for the Buffalo Bills.  This is because Jeff Teul did not come and play well at all.  In fact he under threw wide open receivers, his passes were ducks and he missed a safety creeping up to intercept.  All mistakes that EJ would not have made.

EJ Manuel went down after being hit on a scramble.  The Cleveland Browns can be seen celebrating afterwards.  This is a classless act.  They knew that the only way they were going to win was to take out the man that was going to lead the Bills to victory.  Maybe this was revengeful move.  Not sure.  But, what I do know is that the Bills need to rebound by signing a veteran QB.  In my next post I will try to review some guys that are out there. 

Up next the Bills have the Bengals.  The good thing about this that they have 10 days or so before they need to play.  Maybe the sprain will heal.  The rumor is they are getting all the defense guys back for the next game.  Who knows.  Heres to a 3-3 record for the Bills after the Cincinnati game.  

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Season ReCap: How Close Are We?

I decided to sit back and take a look at the season so far for the Buffalo Bills.  Wondering how close are they to turning things around in Buffalo?  Just sit back and enjoy what I see.  Of course if you feel different you could always leave a comment and let us all know.

Week 1 VS Patriots

This game was so close.  A heartbreaking loss vs a divisional rival.  Losing by 2 pts to this team really had all of us Bills fans thinking that we were on the verge.  But, was this game winnable? see the Bills actually had the lead.  But they allowed Tom Brady way too much time.  Lesson learned?

Week 2 VS Panthers

Were players ready?  Just  week earlier they lost a close game to the hated Patriots.  Are they going to be able to compete with an NFC team?  YES!  They managed a 4th Quarter comeback to win the game by 1 point.  24-23.  EJ Manuel become one of the few rookie QBs in NFL history to have a 4th quarter comeback in either their first or second game.  Nice win for the boys from Buffalo!

Week 3 VS Jets

Wow!  Neither team deserved the win in the game, but someone had to get it.  Watching this game was hard.  The Bills managed to win the turnover battle and the Jets gave up almost 200 yards on penalties.  But, the Bills really didnt want to win, but the Jets were trying hard to lose.  But, in the end the Jets had a 7 point lead and won 27-20.

Week 4 VS Ravens

As a fan, I am getting tired of late wins in the games.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good game.  I'm just not sure that my heart can take this for 16 weeks.  This game had some great defense against the defending Super Bowl Champions the Baltimore Ravens.  Joe Flacco had a game that he might want to forget.  He set a career high, for interceptions in a single game.  Five times, count them again, five times the Bills managed to pick off Joe Flacco.  The Bills had a 20-7 half-time lead.  But, managed to keep the game interesting and squeezed out a 23-20 win.

Up next the Browns on Thursday night.  Can the Buffalo Bills manage to put the game away before its too late.  Or will they play another close one.  Not sure, but its on Thursday so the Bills really need to do some practicing with this short week.  Well, who knows maybe it will be a good game, and afterward the Bills will be either 3-2 or 2-3.  But, either way, its proving to be a close game and a interesting season for the Bills!

Go Bills!  BillsMafia Rules!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Link Of The Day!

GQ List The Top 20 Breasts In History

I spent the last few hours looking for a great pic to put up here.  I wanted something that was easy to look at!

Lets me know if I succeeded with that!