Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Buffalo Sports: Hockey and Football Wheres Pro Basketball?

Having been a Buffalo Sports fan my entire sports watching life, one needs to wonder where the NBA is when it comes to Buffalo. The Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills two of the unluckiest sports franchises in history of the NHL and NFL both seem to be set in Buffalo. That is until the Bills move to Toronto (as some fans think). I for one would love to see a NBA team come to Buffalo. If

If you think about it, Rochester which is just a stones throw down the NYS Thruway has a Pro-Basketball team. The Rochester Razorsharks are a member of the PBL (Premier Basketball League). They are the 2008-2009 PBL Champions. This leads me to think that the market is here. Even if it is small. Maybe even luring a PBL team to move here or form a new one as an expansion. I am sure that the move would cause a intense rivalry between the sister cities.

Rivalries between sports teams that are in close proximity are common in all sports. Look at the New York Jets and New York Giants. They share the same stadium, and they love it play each other. This is why I believe that a Pro Basketball team would do wonders for the area. With such a great sports history why not have a team playing in the HSBC Arena in Buffalo. Now there will be some skeptics out there that just say that Basketball has no spot in Buffalo Sports. That is just a bunch of haters talking. This is why I believe that it is time to bring a B-Ball team here and lets just see what happens.

Another idea would be to have the Razorsharks play a few games in Buffalo. This would show the potential that this great city has. Yep, my thinking is just like the Bills Toronto Series. Not that I condone the Series because I just can't see myself cheering for a team in Canada. Not that I have anything against our neighbors to the North. They are great in Hockey, but have no place in the NFL. That is all I am saying.

Lets, just get a basketball team to play a game or two here. If it works, maybe the city can lure a owner to want to move to Buffalo. The Razorsharks are successful and Rochester is a small market than Buffalo. So, I think that the Great City of Buffalo is a great venue for the PBL. Look this way when it comes time to expand. Watch out Razorsharks your in for a fight.