Sunday, September 29, 2013

Season ReCap: How Close Are We?

I decided to sit back and take a look at the season so far for the Buffalo Bills.  Wondering how close are they to turning things around in Buffalo?  Just sit back and enjoy what I see.  Of course if you feel different you could always leave a comment and let us all know.

Week 1 VS Patriots

This game was so close.  A heartbreaking loss vs a divisional rival.  Losing by 2 pts to this team really had all of us Bills fans thinking that we were on the verge.  But, was this game winnable? see the Bills actually had the lead.  But they allowed Tom Brady way too much time.  Lesson learned?

Week 2 VS Panthers

Were players ready?  Just  week earlier they lost a close game to the hated Patriots.  Are they going to be able to compete with an NFC team?  YES!  They managed a 4th Quarter comeback to win the game by 1 point.  24-23.  EJ Manuel become one of the few rookie QBs in NFL history to have a 4th quarter comeback in either their first or second game.  Nice win for the boys from Buffalo!

Week 3 VS Jets

Wow!  Neither team deserved the win in the game, but someone had to get it.  Watching this game was hard.  The Bills managed to win the turnover battle and the Jets gave up almost 200 yards on penalties.  But, the Bills really didnt want to win, but the Jets were trying hard to lose.  But, in the end the Jets had a 7 point lead and won 27-20.

Week 4 VS Ravens

As a fan, I am getting tired of late wins in the games.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good game.  I'm just not sure that my heart can take this for 16 weeks.  This game had some great defense against the defending Super Bowl Champions the Baltimore Ravens.  Joe Flacco had a game that he might want to forget.  He set a career high, for interceptions in a single game.  Five times, count them again, five times the Bills managed to pick off Joe Flacco.  The Bills had a 20-7 half-time lead.  But, managed to keep the game interesting and squeezed out a 23-20 win.

Up next the Browns on Thursday night.  Can the Buffalo Bills manage to put the game away before its too late.  Or will they play another close one.  Not sure, but its on Thursday so the Bills really need to do some practicing with this short week.  Well, who knows maybe it will be a good game, and afterward the Bills will be either 3-2 or 2-3.  But, either way, its proving to be a close game and a interesting season for the Bills!

Go Bills!  BillsMafia Rules!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Link Of The Day!

GQ List The Top 20 Breasts In History

I spent the last few hours looking for a great pic to put up here.  I wanted something that was easy to look at!

Lets me know if I succeeded with that!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jets Outlast Bills: Sloppy Play On Both Sides Of The Ball

EJ Under Pressure All Day!  Photo Courtesy of
It was another divisional matchup.  The Bills were on the road.  EJ Manuel's first game in hostile territory.  There were many questions going in, many of them were answered by the end of the first half.  The Jets rookie QB, Geno Smith was also a question.  Does Geno have what it takes?  Can he win?  Is Geno better than EJ?  There are many other questions but lets focus on where the Bills go from here.

The Bills started out by losing a close game to the Patriots in week 1.  Then in week 2 they pull out a close win against the Panthers.  Can they do the same against the Jets?  The answer to this question is no.  The Jets pretty much kept the Bills in the game.  They managed a franchise record 18 penalties.  But, at the same time the Bills Defense kept the game close.  But, the secondary also got burned on a few big plays.  They need to tighten this up or its going to be another long season for the fans.

The offense never really got going.  Yes, they managed a pretty good looking drive in the 4th but by then it was a bit too late.  EJ was under pressure all day, getting sacked 8 times.  The play calling looked very predictable and conservative.  Many fans are feeling that they should have opened it up and let EJ learn a bit.  The running game was lack luster except a big run by Fred Jackson, who just may be the Bills starter with CJ Spiller suffering a knee injury.

Now its time to get ready for the Superbowl champions.  The Ravens come to to town next week after blowing out the Houston Texans.  The Bills Defense needs to play better and tighter.  The offense needs to be less predictable.  They also need to protect EJ Manuel.  This kid can not throw the ball if he is laying down.  Here is the key to beating Joe Flacco, pressure him and stop the run.  If you make Joe Flacco beat you with his arm, then you have half the game won.

One final word!  Go Bills!  #BillsMafia

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

EJ Manuel! He Is What We Thought He Was

Think back in April when the Buffalo Bills drafted EJ Manuel.  What exactly did you say at that moment?  I know what I felt.  I was thinking here we go again.  I had that same feeling this past Sunday when they managed a comeback drive against the Carolina Panthers.  How many times have we (the fans) been sitting on the edge of our seats just to be let down over and over again?

Is the time now for the Buffalo Bills?  It seems that the majority of the fans believe so.  I know that I do.  While I was not in attendance at The Ralph.  I am sure that I felt the same way.  Remember last week when the defense allowed a huge drive at the end of the game?  I had that same feeling when the Panthers were moving the ball and left only 98 seconds on the clock.  I was thinking here we go again.  Hopes and dreams then its a big let down.

Even though some might say that the Bills got lucky on that drive with the pass interference call.  I say that Stevie Johnson would have caught the ball and ran it into the end zone for 7 pts.  Which may have left enough time on the clock for Cam and Crew to get into field goal range.  So, it may be a blessing that he was interfered with.

Now to address some of the bad press that EJ has been getting.  Mainly this article "Go Easy On EJ Manuel Praise". Not sure what this guy is thinking, but I for one feel that EJ deserves the praise.  He ran a 1.5 minute drive for a touchdown.  Its something that these fans have not seen since probably Jim Kelly.  Lets not rain on the parade.

Is Ej the answer?  No one can answer that as of right now.  I mean how many games has he played.  He has played in 2 preseason games, and so far 2 regular season games.  But, he does seem to be calm, cool and collected.  He seems to understand what he has to do.  He knows that there is a lot of work left, he knows that he can only get better.  This is what makes this kid so great.  He understands.

So, as the saying goes.  He is what we thought he was.  He is just a young NFL quarterback who may be able to take this team to the next level.  Of course they need to give him the weapons that they gave Jim Kelly.  They already have CJ Spiller (Thurman Thomas), but is Stevie Johnson the next Andre Reed?  I don't know, I am not even going to say that.  But, I feel that Robert Woods may just be EJ's Andre.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Biggest Game Of The Year! Jarius Byrd and other Happenings In Buffalo!

Guess its just about time for a new NFL Season in Central NY.  The feeling that football is finally here is something that most Buffalo Bills fans can testify to.  Its like none other.  Those that follow the Bills faithfully have to be some of the best football fans in the nation.  This weekend just happens to be the opening weekend and its the biggest game of the year.  Yep, the New England Patriots are coming to town!

It seems that the place to be Sunday morning is Hammers Lot.  Its right next to the camping lot, and best of all its not governed by the NFL.  What this means is that Pinto Ron aka Ken Johnson can tailgate like he is used to.  Fans from near and far, all show up at Hammers looking to meet Ken and have some of his grub that is cooked right on the hood of his car.  Below you can see a photo of myself with "Pinto Ron".  This was my first trip to Hammers, and this weekend will be the first time I attended the season opener, and my first New England Patriots game.   I'm not worried mainly because the Buffalo Bills have never lost a game I've been at.  Lets hope the streak keeps going!  Go Bills!

Myself and Pinto Ron (Ken Johnson) Taken before the Minnesota Game

Now on to the Jarius Byrd situation.  There seems to be many fans upset with his recent antics.  People everywhere want to know why it seems like he just does not want to play this year.  I, myself have not been completely sold on this.  I believe that there is some issues between Byrd and the organization.  But, he is a professional and its about business.  I think that he will go out and play as much as he can.  NO!  I don't think that he will play the first game.  I think that he will finally realize that he has to play in order to get other teams interested.  He honestly does not want to be a distraction.  Mainly because that is not attractive to other teams.  Does he want to play in B-Lo, not sure.  I mean he didn't put a clause where he could not be tagged again.  So, does anyone really know what Byrd wants?  Probably not.

There are others things going on.  Like next week at the Carolina Panthers game.  Its the annual #BillsMafia Tweetup!  You can get discounted tickets plus access to the field after the game.  If your interested check out the BillsMafia blog. 

Well, after the game on Sunday I will be traveling back home.  But, if you give me a few hours to get home, I will be posting some pics and my comments on the game regardless of the outcome.  My seat is section 231, Row 8, Seat 24.  Thats right Paul McGuire Club!

Check back soon for more!

Monday, September 2, 2013 and a few other bogus sites

If you have a blog and noticed that your getting a whole lot of traffic from Vampire Stat or some other site with a similar name then beware.

Do not click the site name to figure out what it is.  It is bogus and you could end up with Malware on your computer.  All this does is send out bots to different blogs in order to get visits so they can infect your machine with ads.

Just ignore them, they do not have any effect on your Adsense standings.

Hope this helps others.

Jim Leonhard Back In RED, WHITE, BLUE

Jim Leonhards career has made a circle.  He is expected to be in Buffalo today for a visit.  I say sign him, we could use the depth at CB.

With 2 spots on the active roster, the Bills have options.  If they decide to sign Leonhard to a contract, they could keep the other spot open for Thad Lewis if they need to activate him from the practice squad.

Go Bills!

Jim Leonhard back in Buffalo red white and blue? Has experience in Pettine's system. If Byrd is hobbled, it makes sense. Searcy's been bad

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I was just over on the Bills Mafia website and ran across a blog post that I thought my readers might be interested in.

#BillsMafia ticket promotion on Sept 15th.

Click the link above to go to the post.

When you purchase a ticket using the code in the post you get $15 off plus on field access after the game.  Now there is no guarantee that any of the players are going to be out there, Del and company are still working on that.  I say that you head out to the game and use the code.  Enjoy a nice cold adult beverage with Kenny (aka Pinto Ron) and the rest of #BillsMafia.

Hope to see you there.