Friday, October 4, 2013

Where Do They Go Now?

Courtesy of CBS Sports
Last nights game against the Cleveland Browns seemed well in hand.  That of course was before the unthinkable happened.  We will get into that a bit later on.  First lets review the score.  37-24 the Browns managed to come away with a record of 3-2, Bills record sits at 2-3.  This is with their Playoff hopes dwindling.  But, with the fans all hope is not lost. 

Freddy Jackson showed exactly why he getting paid.  He played another great game, and this with being less than 100%.  Even CJ Spiller managed to get a big run for a touchdown.  The defense played tough all game.  They came away with five sacks.  Just too bad that the Bills didnt come away with the win.  They could have used. it. 

Now, onto the unthinkable.  Highly touted rookie sensation EJ Manuel went down with a sprained LCL and will miss the next couple of weeks according to Coach Marone.  This leaves a big question for the Buffalo Bills.  This is because Jeff Teul did not come and play well at all.  In fact he under threw wide open receivers, his passes were ducks and he missed a safety creeping up to intercept.  All mistakes that EJ would not have made.

EJ Manuel went down after being hit on a scramble.  The Cleveland Browns can be seen celebrating afterwards.  This is a classless act.  They knew that the only way they were going to win was to take out the man that was going to lead the Bills to victory.  Maybe this was revengeful move.  Not sure.  But, what I do know is that the Bills need to rebound by signing a veteran QB.  In my next post I will try to review some guys that are out there. 

Up next the Bills have the Bengals.  The good thing about this that they have 10 days or so before they need to play.  Maybe the sprain will heal.  The rumor is they are getting all the defense guys back for the next game.  Who knows.  Heres to a 3-3 record for the Bills after the Cincinnati game.