Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chan Gailey: Fired On Black Monday?

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Black Monday looms in the NFL.  This is the day that has come to be known as the day that coaches start looking for new employment.  Its going to be no different for Chan Gailey.  At least that is what countless Bills fans are hoping for.  They have been calling for his head since week 5 of the NFL Season.  The only question left is will Buddy Nix go along with him. 

I can not see Chan Gailey returning as the coach of the Buffalo Bills.  He has been a complete disappointment and this season is worse than all the others.  His 3 season records stands at 15 wins and 31 losses.  Buddy Nix however has preached "continuity".  He has said that you can not start over every 3 years, or you will never make it to where you want to be.  That has been the norm around 1 Bills Drive over the last dozen or so years.

Starting over again, might sound like a great idea to Bills fans if it means getting rid of Chan and Fitz.  The coaches ability to call plays has come into question.  I for one believe that he is one of the best play callers in the business.  The issue is, can be be a head coach.  I say NO!.  How many times have we seen the same thing.  Wade Phillips is one of the best DCs in the game.  But, as a head coach, he sucks.  So, what has to happen in order for the Bills to take the next step.  First and foremost, they need to part ways with Chan and company.

Firing Chan Gailey on Black Monday will be the best PR move for the fans.  I for one am hoping that they do it then.  So, I hope that someone from the Buffalo Bills organization reads this and takes it heart.  The fans will start to boycott games and you will lose money if you do not do what needs to be done.  The longer you wait, the more damage you will do with your relationship with the fans.  So, fire Chan and release Fitz on Monday.

There will be more on this after Black Monday.  If Nix gets let go, then Chans time in B-lo will end also.  If Buddy Nix stays then the chances of having Gailey as a coach next season increases.  Only time will tell, lets all hope that Ralph Wilson has enough strength to step in and do what needs to be done, for the fans.  Remember, he is not gonna sell the team, so we have to hope for the best.  At least we know that they are not moving anytime soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Buffalo Bills In Toronto

buffalo bills in toronto
Buffalo Bills Toronto Series
The Buffalo Bills in Toronto has turned out to be a nightmare for Bills fans everywhere.  Ralph Wilson signed an agreement with Rogers Communication so the Buffalo Bills will play games in Toronto for the next 10 years.  I thought that it would be a great idea to take a look at the history of the Buffalo Bills in Toronto

The Toronto Series started back in 2008.  Ralph Wilson wanted to expand his market in order to make more revenue so the Bills could afford to compete with other teams in the NFL.  Most of us fans thought this was a bad idea, and it brought out Buffalo Bills rumors of moving to Canada.  So far the Bills have made no move in that direction or even hinted toward a move. However it is known that the Buffalo Bills will be sold upon Mr. Wilson's death.   Not sure what kind of impact this could have on the Buffalo Bills in Toronto.

The History of The Toronto Series

The Bills started out with 2 games played in Toronto in 2008.  The first opponent happened to be the Pittsburgh Steelers in August of 2008.  The Steelers defeated the Bills 24-21.  This sort of set the tone for the series.  It seems that fans in other countries really are not fans at all.  During the regular season the Buffalo Bills played host to Miami Dolphins.  Once again the visiting team defeated the Bills 16-3.  Not a good start to the series for the Buffalo Bills. 

In 2009 lost to the New York Jets 19-13.  This was the third loss in as many games for the Bills in Toronto.  This series was really starting to eat away at the fans.  In fact Rogers Communications decided to lower the price for tickets because attendance was dropping for these games.  In fact they even offered 11,000 seats for less than $99 Canadian. There was only one game played in Rogers Stadium in 2009. 

Back to Toronto in 2010.  The Bills enjoyed their first win in Toronto defeating the 34-21.  This gave fans hope that they might actually start to win in Canada.  However this hope was short lived since the Bills gave up a lead in the 4th Qtr to the Chicago Bears.  They lost 22-19 in a fashion that is all to familiar to the fans these days. 

In 2011 the Buffalo Bills recorded their first regular season win in Toronto.  They played host to the Washington Redskins which they played 20 years prior in the second of their four Superbowl appearances.  The Buffalo Bills defeated the Redskins 23-0 to start their season with a record of 5-2.  After that however they collapsed and fell out of the playoffs for the 12th straight season. 

This brings us to the 2012 season.  Fans had high expectations for their team.  A key Free Agent signing had fans talking playoffs and hoping for a huge season.  However after some very high school like play by QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and some very sloppy play calling by the Coach Chan Gailey the Bills season was another one for the garbage can.  The Buffalo Bills in Toronto this year was the worse of all.  They got routed by the Seattle Seahawks 50-17.  Fans are calling for the head of the QB and Coaching staff. 

To think there are many years left for the Bills in Toronto and it only proves to be a very bad decision by all those involved. 

Now as you can see the Bills record in Toronto is a terrible 1-4  So, why would they want to keep it going.  The fans in the United States really do not want the Toronto series but some feel that if it will ensure that the Buffalo Bills do not become the LA Bills then they will take it.  Til next time.  Go Bills!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Its Spiller Time: CJ Can Show His Stuff

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Fred Jackson placed on Injured Reserve
As a fan of the Buffalo Bills I was beginning to wonder what it would take in order for CJ Spiller to get the bulk of the work.  I know from reading Facebook that everyone was wondering the same thing.  Does this coach have something against winning?  Its Spiller Time!

What it took was for Fred Jackson to go down with a season ending injury.  The Buffalo Bills placed Fred Jackson on the Injured Reserve.  Now, its time for CJ to show his stuff to the rest of the league.  The only question left is which back will be back?  There are rumors spreading that the Bills will trade Fred Jackson during the off season.  I am hoping that they don't. 

Now lets talk some Playoff Football.  What will it take for the Bills to make it to the Post Season.  A miracle that is a bit out of reach.  What they needed to do was win last week.  Then they would only be one game out.  But, sometimes things just don't go they way we fans hope.  Instead they fall flat and lose another game that they should have won.  Can they still make it?  The answer is mathematically yes, realistically the odds are really against them. 

In order for the Bills to make it to the Playoffs they need to win the next 3 games.  They also need Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Possibly a couple other teams to lose.  Can this happen?  Sure, the NFL is a strange place.  These teams lost this past week.  So, anything can happen.  But, its highly unlikely to fall into place in order for the Bills to win a spot in the tourney. 

I do always hold out hope for it though.  I never count them out until the math says so.  So, as a Bills fan I am stilling holding onto a thin thread of hope that there will be some play in January 2013. Here is how I set it up using Yahoo Playoff Scenario Generator.  Now with this both Cincinnati and Pittsburgh need to lose twice.  They play each other once.  So, thats one loss for one of them.  So, its not impossible, but it is improbable.

Now lets get out and root for the Bills to win the next 3 games and at least break even on the year.  8-8 is not great, but I'll take it.   Go Bills!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bills Lose Again! Come On Chan Grow A Set

CJ Spiller leads the league in yards per carry.  That is all you need to know at the moment.  If you were a coach in the NFL how would you have called the plays against the St Louis Rams?  I am willing to bet that if you had CJ Spiller on your team you would have told your QB Ryan Fitzpatrick just to hand it off.  No need to pass at the moment. 

Well our beloved head coach of the Buffalo Bills had other plans.  For some reason he just feels that Fred "Fumble" Jackson is the way to go.  Wait how did he put, "that is how the rotation played out".  I am so sick and tired of watching CJ sit on the sideline while the team loses.  If you have this man on your team he needs to play.  That is how simple it really is.
Lets talk about how the first half ended.  The Bills are driving down inside the 20.  We are in the Red Zone and what happens.  They run it twice and kick a field goal.  What happened to going for the touchdown.  This is simple math.  7 pts vs 3 pts.  We lost by 3, this means that td would have won the game. 

Does anyone really want to know why we lost.  It is because of 3 facets of the game. 

Number one reason why the Bills lost to the Rams:  Gutless play calling.  This head coach or offensive coordinator really needs to choose one job and let the other one go to someone who knows what the hell he is doing.  Or just maybe he needs to stick to college because his pro skills are a bit lacking. 

Number two reason why the Bills lost to the Rams: Fumble.  When you are driving the ball you need to hold on to it.  How many times has the team lost the ball in the red zone.  I hate to point fingers, but Fred, we the fans expect better from you.  Maybe you need to give back some of the money they gave you in that extension. 

Number 3 reason why the Bills lost to the Rams:  Defense.  Now I am not going to put the entire blame on these guys.  They played their butts off for most of the game.  It was just the last 5 mintues that they decided to lay down.  The Rams drove down and completed the drive with a go ahead score.  I had a feeling when they started that it was going to end this way.

Many fans put the blame on Fitz.  He did throw a int at the end of the game.  It didn't matter at that point but it was a interception regardless.  I say that he played a great game up until that point, but that drive should never had to happen.  All that drive should have consisted of was a couple of kneel downs and we are a game away of ending the Playoff drought.

Well here is to next week.  Hopefully we have a better result playing in Toronto.  Go Bills!