Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sixty Catches: Stevie Johnson First Bills Since Eric Moulds

While surfing the web this morning I decided to check out Twitter.  On a daily basis I visit BillsMafia Twitter and see whats happening in the world of Buffalo Bills fans.  I ran across this post.

Just read that is the first WR to post back-to-back 60+ catch seasons since Eric Moulds.

This is quite an accomplishment so I thought that I would dig a bit deeper into this subject.  It would be nice to know how Stevie Johnson stands up against some of the Bills great wide receivers.  So here are few of the stats that I was able to come across.

Andre Reed has 951 receptions for a total of 13,198 yards.  He played 15 years in Buffalo and 1 in Washington.  Reed is eligible for the Hall of Fame.  Just not sure when he will be inducted but it is my opinion that a few of the on field fits that he threw might keep him out another year or two.  But, it wont be long before he joins his teammates Thurman Thomas and Jim Kelly.  The interesting part of his career is that he had 5 years in a row of 60 or more catches.  Possibly the best receiver in Bills history.

James Lofton ranks up there among the best Bills receivers.  Here are some of his stats. He finished his career in Buffalo with 151 catches.  Not one of the years he was in B-Lo did he record a 60 plus year season.  But, lets not take that away from what he did for this team.  He played with some of the best players in Bills history and was part of the team that went to four straight Super Bowls.

Eric Moulds was a great player.  He played for Buffalo for 10 years.  The most notable being 2002 where he recorded 100 catches.  He had 60 plus yards in a total of 8 straight seasons.  A great stretch of great years for him.  Moulds will always be remembered as one of the best receivers in Buffalo history for what he did while he played here.  He finished his career after spending 1 year playing for the Texans and 1 year for the Titans.

Jerry Butler played his entire career in Buffalo.  He recorded 278 catches for 4301 yards.  I do not know much about him as a player except for what I have read.  I do however know that he played in only 1 pro-bowl.  He is considered one of the top 50 receivers of all time.  So, I had to include him in the post. Also not one 60 plus yard season.

So there you have it.  Stevie Johnson's 60 plus receptions for back to back seasons.  First time since Eric Moulds and only the 4th time in Buffalo history.  The interesting fact is that not one Buffalo Bills receiver ever recorded back to back 1000 yard seasons.  It will be interesting to see if Stevie Johnson will be able to complete that feat next.  Only time will tell.

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