Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fans Get A Late Christmas Present: George Edwards Released As DC

Christmas was just over a week ago.  It came and passed, but that doesn't mean much now for the fans of the Buffalo Bills.  They received a late gift from their beloved franchise.  After allowing the most yards in franchise history.  The only defense on the field that may have been worse than Buffalo Bills was New England's.  Even though that stat is debatable because the Patriots are playing in the post season.  The Buffalo Bills released George Edwards one day after the season ended.  Chan and Buddy gave the fans what they wanted. 

Most players do not want to see their coach get fired.  But, it is the way the NFL works.  Every year there are changes made to just about every coaching staff in the NFL.  When asked about the possible changes coming this is what Chris Kelsay had to say. 

“I know that every year coaching staffs change,” he said. ”Even winning teams make some additions or alter their staff in some form. If that’s the case for us we’ll rally behind it and place our confidence in Buddy and Chan to make the best decisions for us. There’s nobody that wants to win worse than the guys in this locker room and obviously the coaching staff upstairs because that’s the nature of the business.
“It’s a production based business and if you aren’t winning guys aren’t going to be around. They know that and we know that and so we’re going to do everything we can to win football games and if that means different players, different coaches I know that management is going to make the right decisions.”

Most of the time the players rally behind their coaches.  I am not quite sold on this.  George Edwards play calling ability lacked something.  He just didn't seem to be able to get his players in the right position to make the play the majority of the time.  With that in mind his bosses seen the same thing that the fans were seeing.  George Edwards had to go, a new defensive scheme had to be put in place because his just was not working out.

Now to really make the year of 2012 a good one for  the fans its time that the Bills signed Stevie Johnson and Fred Jackson to new contracts.  They deserve it and want it.  Even thought Johnson's on field antics may have hurt his chances, he still plays at a level not seen in Buffalo in quite some time.  As with Fred Jackson the Bills need a running back like him.  They have not seen a runner like this since Thurman Thomas.  Jackson was leading the NFL in rushing until he went to down with an injury that ended his season.  This allowed CJ Spiller to step in and who the fans what he has.  They were not disappointed.

So, now that George Edwards is fired.  Sign Stevie and Fred.  This will make the beginning of the off season a good one for the Buffalo Bills fans.  It goes to show some that the Buffalo Bills do want to win, and are willing to make the changes for the good.  Oh by the way Dave Wanstedt was promoted from linebackers coach to defensive coordinator.   Good Bye George!

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