Monday, July 15, 2013

Jarius Byrd Contract: Where The Bills Go From Here

Jarius Byrd and the Buffalo Bills could not reach an agreement.  What this means is that now that both parties are not allowed to negotiate a long term contract until after the 2013 season.  What this means for the Buffalo Bills and Jarius Byrd.

First this means that the Bills have options.  I believe that they should look into trading Byrd.  Yes, he is a great player, at least he was the last couple of seasons.  But, at the same time his he worth more that $7 million per year?  I don't believe so. 

As we all know that our beloved team is in the rebuilding stage.  Its the same stage they have been in for over the last decade.  Spending all our resources on one player is not the answer to improving our team over the next couple years.

Of course, they could pay him for one year and then tag him again.  This would just cost more money.  But, if I am correct it would give Byrd a chance to sign with another team if they were willing to pay him that much.  At the same time Buffalo would be compensated with a 1st and 3rd round picks. Might not be a bad thing. What do you think?

Byrds options are almost as lucrative.  He could sit out the 2013 season in hopes of signing next year with another team.  But, this could prove to be destructive to his career.  At the same time he could also sign a one year deal, for a lot less than the $7 million, with a clause that he could not be tagged as a franchise player next season.  Allowing him to sign with anyone.

Of course as a fan of the best team in football, I want them to sign Byrd.  Also, I am a fan that wants a winning franchise each year, so I don't think that Byrd is worth it.  I say trade him, get a draft pick and a player.  Then work through this season and go for the draft next year to make a move  to get the guy we all want.

What ever they decide I am sure that in the beginning we will all either bitch about or stand behind our team.

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