Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bills at Browns Preview

The Buffalo Bills enter their second preseason game.  There are a few things to watch in tonight's matchup.  First thing to remember is that it is on ESPN at 8:00pm.  The Bills nor the Browns get very many nationally televised games, so we will take it even in preseason.  A few players that fans may want to keep an eye on.

Tyrod Taylor.  He played well in the first game against the Panthers.  Maybe even well enough to turn the head of many fans, or even Rex Ryan.  Not sure.  But, tonight he will get his chance with the first team offense.  Or at least what is left of it.  With the injuries to LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams.  The Bills are reluctant to start anyone.  This means that Sammy Watkins will be sitting the game out.  I dont really blame Rex at this point.  Dont want to risk anymore setbacks on our way to the SuperBowl. 

IK Enempali, I think that is how you spell his name anyways.  After breaking the jaw of Geno Smith with a sucker punch, Rex picked him up quick.  He has played well during practice this past week to get a chance to shine in the game.  He has to take advantage of this and earn it, now that he has been given a second chance. 

The slew of running backs that are left.  With the injury bug striking the Bills running back position the hardest.  Fred Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Karlos Williams are all hampered by some sort of injury.  This does not leave a great amount of backs left.  Which forced the Bills to sign a few free agents.  We get to see them tonight.  Not sure if will have a major effect on Tyrod Taylor's play or not.  Only time will tell. 

Remember regardless what happens tonight.  We want a win.  I know its only preseason and its used to evaluate players in game situations.  Its just that I hate losing as much as the next guy.  Why play the game if your playing to lose.  And as a Bills fan for 20 plus years, Im tired of losing over the last 14. 

Go Bills!  Also, follow live during tonights game on Twitter.  Lets use the hashtag #BillsBrownsGame

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