Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Psy: Last Performance of Gangnam Style

Here is a rumor that most of us that watch One Bills Drive loves to hear.  K-Pop sensation Psy has said that Gangnam Style has been performed for the last time.  I for one find this as one more reason to rejoice.  Even though it ranks just below the firing of Chan Gailey and his bunch of so called coaches that he surrounded himself with. 

As with Psy, Chan Gailey had us all fooled.  Psy made money and fame off of us Americans at the same time it was revealed that he was in fact Anti-American.  Chan Gailey made money off us Bills fan at the same time he was revealed that he really had no idea on how to call a winning game.  Of course he did manage to pull out a win against every losing team on the schedule.  This act by Gailey did nothing but to secure another double digit losing season.  This is one reason why the powers that be at 1 Bills Drive got together and fired Chan Gailey.

I know what every one of you are thinking.  You read the title of this post and now you feel that you are being bamboozled.  Your thinking that it was about some Korean music performer, just to find out that your reading about the Buffalo Bills firing Chan Gailey.  The thing about this is that its just the biggest news to come out of Buffalo in the last 3 years.  Now, I would like to give some insight on what the next big thing to be heard out of One Bills Drive.

Latest News From Buffalo!

While sitting and listening to Mike Catalana on the news last night I found out that Russ Brandon (not Buddy Nix) will be meeting with Ralph Wilson.  Does this spell the end of the Nix regime in Buffalo.  There are many fans that are hoping so.  I personally like Buddy Nix.  He has done some pretty good things for the team.  At the same time, he did hire Chan and then he allowed him to hire the rest of those idiots that he called a staff. 

So, who will the Buffalo Bills hire as the next coach?  Will they hire this person for 3 years and start over again?  What is the fate of Ryan Fitzpatrick?  Will Fred Jackson be traded?  These are a few of the questions that are swirling around the Internet these days.  Fans want to know.   As a fan I would also love to know the answer to these questions.  So, lets all say goodbye to Psy and good riddens to Chan Gailey. 

Go Buffalo!

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