Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chan Gailey: Fired On Black Monday?

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Black Monday looms in the NFL.  This is the day that has come to be known as the day that coaches start looking for new employment.  Its going to be no different for Chan Gailey.  At least that is what countless Bills fans are hoping for.  They have been calling for his head since week 5 of the NFL Season.  The only question left is will Buddy Nix go along with him. 

I can not see Chan Gailey returning as the coach of the Buffalo Bills.  He has been a complete disappointment and this season is worse than all the others.  His 3 season records stands at 15 wins and 31 losses.  Buddy Nix however has preached "continuity".  He has said that you can not start over every 3 years, or you will never make it to where you want to be.  That has been the norm around 1 Bills Drive over the last dozen or so years.

Starting over again, might sound like a great idea to Bills fans if it means getting rid of Chan and Fitz.  The coaches ability to call plays has come into question.  I for one believe that he is one of the best play callers in the business.  The issue is, can be be a head coach.  I say NO!.  How many times have we seen the same thing.  Wade Phillips is one of the best DCs in the game.  But, as a head coach, he sucks.  So, what has to happen in order for the Bills to take the next step.  First and foremost, they need to part ways with Chan and company.

Firing Chan Gailey on Black Monday will be the best PR move for the fans.  I for one am hoping that they do it then.  So, I hope that someone from the Buffalo Bills organization reads this and takes it heart.  The fans will start to boycott games and you will lose money if you do not do what needs to be done.  The longer you wait, the more damage you will do with your relationship with the fans.  So, fire Chan and release Fitz on Monday.

There will be more on this after Black Monday.  If Nix gets let go, then Chans time in B-lo will end also.  If Buddy Nix stays then the chances of having Gailey as a coach next season increases.  Only time will tell, lets all hope that Ralph Wilson has enough strength to step in and do what needs to be done, for the fans.  Remember, he is not gonna sell the team, so we have to hope for the best.  At least we know that they are not moving anytime soon.

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