Thursday, September 5, 2013

Biggest Game Of The Year! Jarius Byrd and other Happenings In Buffalo!

Guess its just about time for a new NFL Season in Central NY.  The feeling that football is finally here is something that most Buffalo Bills fans can testify to.  Its like none other.  Those that follow the Bills faithfully have to be some of the best football fans in the nation.  This weekend just happens to be the opening weekend and its the biggest game of the year.  Yep, the New England Patriots are coming to town!

It seems that the place to be Sunday morning is Hammers Lot.  Its right next to the camping lot, and best of all its not governed by the NFL.  What this means is that Pinto Ron aka Ken Johnson can tailgate like he is used to.  Fans from near and far, all show up at Hammers looking to meet Ken and have some of his grub that is cooked right on the hood of his car.  Below you can see a photo of myself with "Pinto Ron".  This was my first trip to Hammers, and this weekend will be the first time I attended the season opener, and my first New England Patriots game.   I'm not worried mainly because the Buffalo Bills have never lost a game I've been at.  Lets hope the streak keeps going!  Go Bills!

Myself and Pinto Ron (Ken Johnson) Taken before the Minnesota Game

Now on to the Jarius Byrd situation.  There seems to be many fans upset with his recent antics.  People everywhere want to know why it seems like he just does not want to play this year.  I, myself have not been completely sold on this.  I believe that there is some issues between Byrd and the organization.  But, he is a professional and its about business.  I think that he will go out and play as much as he can.  NO!  I don't think that he will play the first game.  I think that he will finally realize that he has to play in order to get other teams interested.  He honestly does not want to be a distraction.  Mainly because that is not attractive to other teams.  Does he want to play in B-Lo, not sure.  I mean he didn't put a clause where he could not be tagged again.  So, does anyone really know what Byrd wants?  Probably not.

There are others things going on.  Like next week at the Carolina Panthers game.  Its the annual #BillsMafia Tweetup!  You can get discounted tickets plus access to the field after the game.  If your interested check out the BillsMafia blog. 

Well, after the game on Sunday I will be traveling back home.  But, if you give me a few hours to get home, I will be posting some pics and my comments on the game regardless of the outcome.  My seat is section 231, Row 8, Seat 24.  Thats right Paul McGuire Club!

Check back soon for more!

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