Tuesday, September 17, 2013

EJ Manuel! He Is What We Thought He Was

Think back in April when the Buffalo Bills drafted EJ Manuel.  What exactly did you say at that moment?  I know what I felt.  I was thinking here we go again.  I had that same feeling this past Sunday when they managed a comeback drive against the Carolina Panthers.  How many times have we (the fans) been sitting on the edge of our seats just to be let down over and over again?

Is the time now for the Buffalo Bills?  It seems that the majority of the fans believe so.  I know that I do.  While I was not in attendance at The Ralph.  I am sure that I felt the same way.  Remember last week when the defense allowed a huge drive at the end of the game?  I had that same feeling when the Panthers were moving the ball and left only 98 seconds on the clock.  I was thinking here we go again.  Hopes and dreams then its a big let down.

Even though some might say that the Bills got lucky on that drive with the pass interference call.  I say that Stevie Johnson would have caught the ball and ran it into the end zone for 7 pts.  Which may have left enough time on the clock for Cam and Crew to get into field goal range.  So, it may be a blessing that he was interfered with.

Now to address some of the bad press that EJ has been getting.  Mainly this article "Go Easy On EJ Manuel Praise". Not sure what this guy is thinking, but I for one feel that EJ deserves the praise.  He ran a 1.5 minute drive for a touchdown.  Its something that these fans have not seen since probably Jim Kelly.  Lets not rain on the parade.

Is Ej the answer?  No one can answer that as of right now.  I mean how many games has he played.  He has played in 2 preseason games, and so far 2 regular season games.  But, he does seem to be calm, cool and collected.  He seems to understand what he has to do.  He knows that there is a lot of work left, he knows that he can only get better.  This is what makes this kid so great.  He understands.

So, as the saying goes.  He is what we thought he was.  He is just a young NFL quarterback who may be able to take this team to the next level.  Of course they need to give him the weapons that they gave Jim Kelly.  They already have CJ Spiller (Thurman Thomas), but is Stevie Johnson the next Andre Reed?  I don't know, I am not even going to say that.  But, I feel that Robert Woods may just be EJ's Andre.

What do you think?

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