Monday, December 10, 2012

Bills Lose Again! Come On Chan Grow A Set

CJ Spiller leads the league in yards per carry.  That is all you need to know at the moment.  If you were a coach in the NFL how would you have called the plays against the St Louis Rams?  I am willing to bet that if you had CJ Spiller on your team you would have told your QB Ryan Fitzpatrick just to hand it off.  No need to pass at the moment. 

Well our beloved head coach of the Buffalo Bills had other plans.  For some reason he just feels that Fred "Fumble" Jackson is the way to go.  Wait how did he put, "that is how the rotation played out".  I am so sick and tired of watching CJ sit on the sideline while the team loses.  If you have this man on your team he needs to play.  That is how simple it really is.
Lets talk about how the first half ended.  The Bills are driving down inside the 20.  We are in the Red Zone and what happens.  They run it twice and kick a field goal.  What happened to going for the touchdown.  This is simple math.  7 pts vs 3 pts.  We lost by 3, this means that td would have won the game. 

Does anyone really want to know why we lost.  It is because of 3 facets of the game. 

Number one reason why the Bills lost to the Rams:  Gutless play calling.  This head coach or offensive coordinator really needs to choose one job and let the other one go to someone who knows what the hell he is doing.  Or just maybe he needs to stick to college because his pro skills are a bit lacking. 

Number two reason why the Bills lost to the Rams: Fumble.  When you are driving the ball you need to hold on to it.  How many times has the team lost the ball in the red zone.  I hate to point fingers, but Fred, we the fans expect better from you.  Maybe you need to give back some of the money they gave you in that extension. 

Number 3 reason why the Bills lost to the Rams:  Defense.  Now I am not going to put the entire blame on these guys.  They played their butts off for most of the game.  It was just the last 5 mintues that they decided to lay down.  The Rams drove down and completed the drive with a go ahead score.  I had a feeling when they started that it was going to end this way.

Many fans put the blame on Fitz.  He did throw a int at the end of the game.  It didn't matter at that point but it was a interception regardless.  I say that he played a great game up until that point, but that drive should never had to happen.  All that drive should have consisted of was a couple of kneel downs and we are a game away of ending the Playoff drought.

Well here is to next week.  Hopefully we have a better result playing in Toronto.  Go Bills!


  1. Excuse me but if you call 247 yards and one td a great game then your thinking is as bad as gaylees play calling. He many more overthrows and under throws then td's. you need to get off your shitzpatrick band wagon he has always sucked he sucks now and sunday against the seahawks he will suck worse then ever.don't believe me ask anybody on face book they will tell you so. except for susan crowley and everybody knows she is nuts.

    1. Butch, maybe great was not the best word to use. But, it was a well played game considering the pressure he was under the entire game. The defense was in his face on almost every play. I do know that he has played terrible most of the time. I am not a huge fan, I also know that we need another QB to get to the level where we want to be. I meant that this loss was not on him. It has been most of the year. I few ints were thrown like the one against NE...his fault. But, this loss was not on him.

  2. You win as a team you lose as a team. He is just as guilty as anybody else

  3. I'll give you that. Even you can not sit there and say that he played terrible up until the point where he threw the interception. It may be hard to admit, but his playing, except for the bad runs and terrible protection that he had all day, it was not all that bad. Maybe not great, but it was still good enough to win if the rest of the team would have done their part. Now I can go in and break the game down, but the parts that come to mind first happens to be the coaching or lack there of. Then its Fred Jackson, that fumble hurt. It was in the red zone and that could have lead to a touchdown or another field goal at the least. Then the defense. Yes they played great. Held them to 15 points. But, when it mattered they fell flat. Now the special teams, botching a extra point. The offense was terrible most of the day with a make shift line.

    Now I put blame on everyone. Could Fitz play better? Yes! Should Spiller be in the game more? YES! Does the defense need help? No! They need better coaching. So I say get the QB in the draft that you want. Fire Chan and Company. Hire a coach and an OC and a DC, who know how to play and manage a game. That's my solution to the problem for next year.