Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Its Spiller Time: CJ Can Show His Stuff

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Fred Jackson placed on Injured Reserve
As a fan of the Buffalo Bills I was beginning to wonder what it would take in order for CJ Spiller to get the bulk of the work.  I know from reading Facebook that everyone was wondering the same thing.  Does this coach have something against winning?  Its Spiller Time!

What it took was for Fred Jackson to go down with a season ending injury.  The Buffalo Bills placed Fred Jackson on the Injured Reserve.  Now, its time for CJ to show his stuff to the rest of the league.  The only question left is which back will be back?  There are rumors spreading that the Bills will trade Fred Jackson during the off season.  I am hoping that they don't. 

Now lets talk some Playoff Football.  What will it take for the Bills to make it to the Post Season.  A miracle that is a bit out of reach.  What they needed to do was win last week.  Then they would only be one game out.  But, sometimes things just don't go they way we fans hope.  Instead they fall flat and lose another game that they should have won.  Can they still make it?  The answer is mathematically yes, realistically the odds are really against them. 

In order for the Bills to make it to the Playoffs they need to win the next 3 games.  They also need Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Possibly a couple other teams to lose.  Can this happen?  Sure, the NFL is a strange place.  These teams lost this past week.  So, anything can happen.  But, its highly unlikely to fall into place in order for the Bills to win a spot in the tourney. 

I do always hold out hope for it though.  I never count them out until the math says so.  So, as a Bills fan I am stilling holding onto a thin thread of hope that there will be some play in January 2013. Here is how I set it up using Yahoo Playoff Scenario Generator.  Now with this both Cincinnati and Pittsburgh need to lose twice.  They play each other once.  So, thats one loss for one of them.  So, its not impossible, but it is improbable.

Now lets get out and root for the Bills to win the next 3 games and at least break even on the year.  8-8 is not great, but I'll take it.   Go Bills!

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