Monday, August 26, 2013

Doug Marone: The Bills are Planning on Starting Jeff Teul Against New England

No one at One Bills Drive, not even Jeff Teul himself thought this was going to happen.  Rookie head coach Doug Marone clearly stated that they are planning on Jeff Teul to start Week 1.  Now, this does not mean that you need to start panicking yet.  E.J. Manuel has started practicing with trainers so there is still a chance that he can be ready to go after a week of practice.  Continue reading to find out what has been happening in Orchard Park since Kevin Kolb went down with yet another concussion. 

Kevin Kolb may have suffered a career ending concussion.  If my number is correct, the latest knee to the head would make it three for him.  If this wasn't bad enough for him, the Bills brought in Veteran QB Matt Leinhart.  They even made a late preseason trade with Detroit for Thaddeus Lewis.  This would bring the total QB's on the roster to 5.  Not something that Dough Marone or any other coach in Buffalo would have thought. 

Now does this mark the end of Kevin Kolb's chances in Buffalo?  There really is no clear answer to this, but all rumors say yes.  It appears that the Bill's will place Kolb on injured reserve.  Kevin Kolb signed with a guarantee $1 million.  They will probably place him on IR and pay him.  This latest concussion might just be his last as a professional.  Not a doctor here, but he has to be thinking retirement right about now. 

Can E.J. come back before Week 1?  Not one person is counting him out.  In fact it is highly possible that he will.  Maybe this is just a smoke screen.  What I mean is that maybe Dough Marone trying to hide the possibility of Manuel playing against New England.  Just a small game of chess with Bill Bellicheat!  Now they have to prepare for either QB.  Makes it a bit harder, but not impossible. 

Now, I will be writing more as the week progresses.  I am by no means involved with the Bills organization.  My comments are my own and do not reflect any of those in Buffalo.  I do however welcome your comments and suggestions.  If you have any you can write them here.  

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