Sunday, August 25, 2013

Panic In Buffalo Land!

This is not about what I think the Bills are going to do now that they are down to just one healthy QB on the roster.  It is about what I think of the fans that seem to turn around when their team loses just one game, and a preseason game at that. If you really want to find out, then continue reading, but please do not be offended if your one of those fans because you have been fore warned.

Just about 2 weeks ago.  EJ Manuel looked poised to take over the starting job in Buffalo.  All the fans were talking playoffs and a great season was headed our way.  This even went into the Minnesota Vikings game at The Ralph.  Which by the way I had a great view from the Paul McGuire Club.  Then the news of a knee injury caused us to feel the hurt that we have felt so many times in the last 13 years.  Now, it seemed that our fate was in the hands of Kevin Kolb.

Kevin Kolb, a journeyman QB that just was not up to par.  His skills and talent were lacking.  Fans were not ready and not happy about this whole chain of events.  But, being loyal fans they were willing to put their support behind Kevin Kolb and hope for EJ being back in the first week.  Then yesterdays game against Washington happened.

Kevin Kolb went down with concussion like symptoms.  This is his third concussion and his future in Buffalo may be in jeopardy.  Undrafted rookie Jeff Teul was called upon to carry the team through the rest of this game.  He looked like a deer in headlights at times.  In my opinion he did not look prepared.  But, that maybe different next week when the Bills play Detroit.  Hopefully at that time, he can give fans a bit of hope.
Can Jeff Teul carry the team.  No!  He may look like a viable option at backup, but he is not ready to be a starter in this league.  This is where the panic started.  The game was not even over and the thoughts of bringing in Matt Leinhart started.  Is this a good move?  I don't believe so, I think that its too early to start panicking.  Dough Marone and the Bills may have to bring someone in, just to have a safety net.  But, lets wait and see where E.J. Manuel is next week.

If Manuel is a go that first week, it is believed that the Bills have a chance.  If not, then give the reins to Jeff Teul.  I know that he did not play well against Washington.  But, the entire team didn't play well.  So, its not all his fault.  So, don't panic yet.  Who knows, it could Teul Time!


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