Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tebow: Its Time To Hang The Cleats

Enough of the hype already.  Tim Tebow's time in the NFL might just be over, for now.  After the news that the New England Patriots released Tim Tebow, the talk of his career being over began.  I thought that maybe I would go back a bit and follow exactly what happened to the guy who was once a first round draft pick.  

Tim Tebows Career

The Denver Bronocs created a situation on draft day that caused a stir among all the circles keeping tabs.  They orchestrated a trade with Baltimore Ravens that brought Tim Tebow to Denver, in the First Round.  Experts all across this land figured that he would go in the third, at the earliest.  Why, because of his arm strength and accuracy.  They were issues that everyone could see, all except Josh Daniels the rookie head coach of the Denver Broncos. 

In the beginning it seemed that Denver was willing to wait for Kyle Orton to become the guy they thought he could.  Then the un-thinkable happened.  They put in Tim Tebow against the Jets and he scored on a 5 yard run.  That got his name being thrown a bit more.  It even managed to sell a few Tim Tebow Jerseys.  But, in the end, Denver acquired Peyton Manning and moved on.  Tim Tebow soon landed in New York!

Rex Ryan has always been known for causing a circus for the New York Jets.  The Jets were going to be a new beginning for Tebow Time.  Or was it?  Rex Ryan and company had a plan for Tim.  They wanted him to compete for the starting job with Mark Sanchez.  What happened instead was a travesty to someone who had a dream of being a NFL star.  They only used Tebow in gimmick plays like the wild cat.  Soon opposing teams became well aware of this and shut him down.  After just one season Tebow was on his way back to Florida. 

Robert Kraft stepped in and decided that they could use Tim Tebow back in the North East.  The New England Patriots invited him to training camp.  They wanted to give him a shot at backing up Tom Brady.  After a few preseason games, which by the way were very sub par for any QB.  The Patriots finally decided that it was not such a great idea. Maybe they should have used Tim as a TE, since Aaron Hernandez is incarcerated on a murder charge.  Tebow was cut on this day, Saturday August, 31, 2013, probably for the final time in the NFL. 

Three teams in just as many years.  Its been a rocky start to a career that was lucky enough to get started at all.  Well, cheers to you Tim for remaining calm and taking it all in.  Wishing you the best of lucky at your next stop in life.  Good Luck!

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